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Ioannis Lerias

Civil Engineer

I was born in Libya part of the Greek community. I graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 1978 and worked there restoring earthquake striken buildings. In 1981 I moved in Athens where I worked with 'Doxiadis Associates' in various large scale projects in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Jordan and Nepal. In 1986 I moved in Rhodes where I worked as chief engineer for the municipal technical and construction service on big projects including the University of the Aegean and the 'Rodon' Hotel.

Since 1990 I've been working on design and construction of private and public projects such as residential, municipal, and services.

Konstantinos Lerias


I was born and grew up in Rhodes until 2010 where I moved to the UK in order to study architecture. In 2015 with the project 'Commonstruction' I have won the 'Designing the Urban Commons' competition by the LSE. Throughout my degrees I have experimented with the urban commons, participatory design processes, urban planning, sustainable design and material flows.

I graduated from the University of Plymouth in 2016. Since then I have been working at 'Lerias design & engineering' on residential and commercial buildings. I am interested in the sustainable and sociopolitical aspect of architecture and I perceive the impact of my work on a community collective level.

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