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Design & Engineering

With over 35 years of experience our office has designed and constructed buildings all over Greece and the last years is focused in the area of Dodecanese and mainly in the islands Rhodes & Symi. Our office is also working on projects for the public sector such as the construction of schools, libraries, spaces of commons etc.

We started LERIAS Design & Engineering with one goal in mind: Creating beautiful, practical designs for the people of local communities. Over the years, we’ve gathered the necessary skills to achieve that, in collaboration with a group of unique, passionate and artistic professionals.

Our aim is to highlight the local architecture and the tradition and with respect to the community's principles, we will work closely with you to deliver the results you are after. Our office will undertake all the necessary steps to design and engineer your idea to produce its physical form. From the conceptual process to the final design and the administrative bureaucratic procedure to the construction.

Conceptual Design


Master Planning

Project Management


Structural Engineering

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